Why the F1 audience is a perfect target for Salesforce

Using social media insights, we get a look at why the move makes sense

The Formula 1 partnership with Salesforce is one I’ve suspected and wanted to see come to fruition for the better part of two years now. Looking at the tech brands entering the Formula 1 landscape, it was only a matter of time Salesforce threw their hat in the ring.

Together with my partners at Zoomph, we leveraged audience insights to discover that the folks engaging with F1 on Twitter in 2022 are 59% more likely to live in the United States than the average F1 follower. This is Salesforce’s main market.

Additionally, we discovered that F1 fans on Twitter are 30% more likely to be Gen-X. Salesforce over-indexes on Gen-X, meaning this is the primary market they want to target.

And the insight I found most important to a brand like Salesforce is that 2022 fans of F1 in the US on Twitter are 6x more likely to be a business decision maker and 3x more likely to be a marketing professional. Again, a major target for Salesforce.

However, only a puny 0.55% of F1 followers have an affinity for Salesforce, meaning there’s a lot of room to grow here.

Salesforce is behind other software companies like HubSpot, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP who carry a stronger affinity to F1.



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