Netflix Effect in Australia?

Australian GP organizers seeing unprecedented demand

The once-unprecedented times look to be nearing an end for one of the strictest countries on earth — Australia.

It’s been over 1,100 days since we’ve been racing at Albert Park in Melbourne following the postponement of the Australian Grand Prix in 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The track underwent layout changes, the most notable being the modification of the Turn 9-10 complex from a heavy right-left corner to a fast-sweeping right-left corner into Turns 11 and 12. Further modifications included the widening of the pit lane by 2m and the reprofiling of Turn 13. Also, some corners were widened such as Turn 1, Turn 3, Turn 6, Turn 7, and Turn 15; and it is expected that these modifications will reduce qualifying lap times by as much as 5 seconds.

The fastest time on this circuit prior to the changes was set by Michael Schumacher in the Ferrari F2004

But I digress…

We talk about Netflix having a profound effect on North America, especially the United States, but all eyes are on the fact that it’s boosting F1’s profile in other parts of the world as well.

The UK just saw its third-most viewed race ever on SkySports F1 with the Saudi Arabian GP following only Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi of last year!

There are signs that China is beginning to show more interest in the sport, aided by a Chinese driver, Zhou Guanyu, the audience in China is the largest TV audience F1 has — to the tune 73 million viewers per race. And on the social network, Weibo, over 120 million users are reading about his achievements.

This is usually the case when a country gets an F1 driver and it is why F1 is currently looking for an American pilot.

Now if we could only find a woman driver and attract the other half of the global population…

And then there’s the crowd that refuses to believe that Netflix has any effect. That it has ruined the sport and brought drama where there once was not. But we can save that for another day. 👋🏻

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