On NFT Mindset

The NFT world is just different

We’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to the mind of creators and collectors of NFT’s, and it ended up leading Vincenzo to draw this quick venn diagram:

NFT’s are sitting at the intersection of sports card/memorabilia traders, crypto traders and online bettors. (Still can’t figure out what comes at the intersection of online bettors and crypto traders)

Right now, as it stands, there is a strong dopamine hit that comes with the space. Like watching Bitcoin soar or hitting that 6-team parlay. But there’s also the aspect of owning an NFT like owning that Jordan or Tom Brady rookie card, or a piece of Lou Gherig’s bat.

It’s part sentimental, part dopamine rush.

We don’t think it will continue that way, things will level off and we’ll get to some predictability in the space as well as some incredibly valuable pieces of art, brands breaking in and bringing utility to the NFT’s and more.

The Mind of the Creator

The NFT creators that are crushing it right now are just in another world when it comes to how they think.

Most of what we’re observing is simple in execution, but comes with a community and story that creates allure. That’s what artists do, right?

NFT artists are no different.

Some of the ideas may not seem like they are difficult to create, but its the combination of story and community along with the audacity to mint something that creates the desire.

Here are three of our favorite concepts we came across today.

  1. Bored Elon Musk. Who are they? For 7 years, it’s been a mystery. Now, a bidding war on this NFT could reveal something many have wondered for years.

  1. Nicolo. They plan on minting their soul, one scan at a time. First up: their brain. There are so many places this can go, and we’re excited to see which piece is up next. Are we all mintable?

  1. Adrienne Young. A friend of ours’ first NFT! Adrienne took a simple skyline and made it better. The colors pop, it’s perfect for display, and has beautiful, subtle motion. As her first NFT, the nerves are legit. Are people going to bid? Are they going to like my work? Well, we love your work, Adri. Can’t wait to see more.

    Go bid it up!

  2. Shl0ms. Their art is blowing us away right now. From minting a single pixel to minting “nothing”, this one might take the cake. A white rectangle over an image of the Mona Lisa. 🤯

What’s some of the work that’s blowing your mind this week?

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